Like Dragons

mauriceThis inspired me over this weekend, as I feel like this guy, who works in addiction-recovery, kind of captures the “warrior”-message that I’m trying to get at as well. Here’s the full quote:

“How Ferocious Do I Really Need To Get?”

“I am convinced that one of the amazing strategies Satan has been using during this time in history is to keep men from feeling the need to experience the higher levels of ferocity needed to truly protect one’s family. This leaves men unprepared when he attacks. Throughout much of recorded history, it has not been uncommon for men to carry weapons with them at all times, because there may have been threats of a significant nature to them and their families at all times.
“When we are taught that Satan wants to destroy families, we need to take it seriously. His reputation, “the Serpent was the most subtle of all the beasts of the field,“ remains true. His attacks on the human mind really are intended to destroy families. He really does work on the minds of men until they are distorted enough to hurt their own wives. And worse, he is so cunningly convincing that some men think they are justified in doing so. They will verbally, physically, or sexually mistreat their wives and feel completely justified in doing so after experiencing addictive behaviors for a time. Satan really does want to assault our women, and successfully does so through the unkindness of the husbands, through inappropriate sexuality, etc. This vicious attack also affects the children, who are often tempted and stolen away while the parents are incapacitated.”

An exerpt from “Like Dragons Did They Fight”, by Maurice W. Harker, CMHC, and Director of the Sons of Helaman training program.

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